Game Jam Sydney 2015

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January 2015


Northern Sydney Institute

Cameraygal Building
213 Pacific Hwy,
St Leonards NSW 2065

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Global Game Jam

What / Why

Global Game Jam Sydney is a local site for the Global Game Jam, an annual event that takes place simultaneously in more than 140 locations around the world.

For 48 hours, over the weekend of Jan 23-25, a group of about 100 game designers, developers and artists - both amateur and professional - will come together for an intensive Jam Session, forming small creative teams to design and prototype innovative game ideas. We provide the space, the tools you needed and even catering. You make the games, and the IP stays with you!

It's a fun weekend, but we also hope it's something more. We want to stimulate the game development scene in Australia. We have the talent, the creativity and the resources to create a truly Australian games industry, we just need the initiative to give it a go. We hope that Global Game Jam Sydney continues to be a spark that helps ignite the flame.

Check out highlights from last year's GJS 2014!

ABC Compass coverage of Global Game Jam Sydney 2014

Game Jam Sydney is brought to you by the good people of IGDA Sydney.

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Participants came from far and wide, from all walks of life. 2014's jam had everyone from students, to professionals, to semi-pro's. All jammed in together for the love of games! (YES AND FUN PUNS TOO!)

2014 Sydney game jammers

Winning Games 2015

  • Best Game

    Last of Humanity

    Brian Zou
    Matthew Chin
    Shan Luo
    Cong Xu
    Yawen Song

  • Runner Up

    Leap Frogger

    Jeremy Swanson
    Duncan Corrigan

  • Runner Up

    Houston, we have a %!@#

    John Kane
    Paul Sztajer
    Tim Grants
    Sally Kellaway
    Robert Snars

  • Jammers Choice

    Murder Party

    Michael Graham
    Adam Taubert
    Don Logan
    Peter Liang
    Sally Kellaway
    Melvin Tu
    Belinda Potbury
    Dale Kerr

  • Best Art

    The Long Way

    Aaron Bartlett
    Ryan Alcock
    Rain Julia
    Jared Hahn
    Daniel Goltsman

  • Best Audio

    Last of Humanity

    Brian Zou
    Matthew Chin
    Shan Luo
    Cong Xu
    Yawen Song

  • Best use of Theme

    Time Burn

    Carlton Zhu
    Adam Katz
    Kwan Chemsripong
    Pierre Duyker

  • Technical Excellence

    Super Super Super Super

    Daniel Linssen
    Ian Hern
    Martin Kvale

  • Should already be on the store

    Team Qwerty

    Wayne Petzler
    Melvin Tu

  • Honorable Mention

    If game has good tutorial.

    Pollapee Sroysuwan
    Melvin Tu

  • Thinly Spread Jammer

    Melvin Tu

    For composing audio for 11 different games over the weekend



GameJam Sydney is a non-profit event for which we rely upon generous sponsors, but there is a registration fee for the weekend @ $80 per participant to help cover equipment hire & catering.


GameJam games must be created from scratch based on a TOP SECRET brief when the comp kicks off on the Friday evening. The event runs non-stop for 48 hours straight. Food & Drink will be catered and rest areas provided if you need to re-charge your batteries.


There will be some decent computers provided at St Leonards TAFE, equipped with some game development tools. You are also quite welcome to bring your own devices.

Can we just watch?

The Game Jam itself is a closed laboratory hot-house, but there'll be plenty of opportunity to follow pics, videos and interviews with the Game Jam Teams in action throughout the weekend, and you can see the final prototypes the following weekend at the presentation event.

Who owns the IP?

Intellectual Property for the games remains 100% with you - the creators. However source code MUST be uploaded to the Global Game Jam website at the end of the jam.

I'm thinking of sponsoring the event - can I have some more info?

Sure! Global Game Jam Sydney Sponsor Info

I'm a member of the media and I'd like to cover your event

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